Chronicle 2014-2017

Head down. Low voice. Nod when spoken to. That was my first year on staff. I was a timid, quiet sophomore and I found almost everyone on staff to be intimidating (well, Stich was the graphic design editor then, so you get the picture). I ate my goldfish while staring at the computer screen and doing my work diligently.  I still eat my goldfish in class, but I cannot honestly say I am doing any work. I found that my time in The Chronicle is most fun when I am talking with others on staff, whether it is weekend plans or serious, complex issues. That is the best thing about our staff; we can be funny and make jokes, but we can also have such meaningful discussions. (Just to clarify, I do get my work done, but focusing in class nowadays is just not easy.)

These past 3 years have been insightful, entertaining, crazy, and so many more things. I wish I had the words to describe it perfectly. The Chronicle not only helped me grow as a writer and student, but it helped me grow as a person. My voice was heard. I stopped caring what other people thought and I started speaking up. At first, it was scary and I really had no clue how to write an article, but I learned. Everyone learned and before we knew it, we were the upperclassmen on staff with experience and people were asking us for help. As a sophomore, I was terrified when the editors yelled at us as a staff or sent out nagging emails about people not getting their pitches/drafts/visuals in on time. Now, I enjoy a good roast session because you gotta learn the hard way! You have to learn how to take the criticism, take the cruel jokes, and take the blame for your screw-ups.

I do not know what I am going to do without another Food Friday, another Chronsgiving, another Chronoeing trip, or just another day in C103. The friendships I formed and memories I made are sure to last a lifetime. Remember when Eric Miller punched the projector and it broke? Remember when Juliana jumped into a dumpster just to get a cardboard box? Remember when Zane broke his arm trying to capture a picture? Remember when Mr. Conner got pied in the face? These are the things I will never forget.

Thanks to Mr. Conner and The Chronicle staff for the past 3 years! I will always miss C103.