Snapchat Addict?

As of today, my longest Snapchat streak is 598 days. That means I have snap chatted the same person for 598 days straight without ever breaking the streak or spending a day away from the application.

But, I have a reason for snap chatting this same person for 598 days straight. Her name is Jacey and she lives in Foxboro, Massachusetts, my hometown. She has been my best friend since I was three years old and still is to this day. We snapchat to keep in touch, to see what each of us are doing that day, and to chat about our lives. Just because we snapchat constantly, does not mean we do not FaceTime, call, and text either. I FaceTime Jacey about once a week and visit her in Foxboro a couple times a year.

Am I addicted to Snapchat? I would not say so. I am not on the app every second of every day, but I do check it every few hours to respond to friends. Actually, as I have gotten older, I am on the app less and less. If one of my friends breaks our Snapchat streak, will I hold a grudge? No, but I know people who will. Breaking a snapchat streak might as well be saying you do not want to be friends with the person anymore to some people. I will say it is crazy how far people will go to keep Snapchat streaks though. When people go on mission trips without phones, they give friends their Snapchat usernames and passwords to keep their streaks for them. With technology constantly growing and evolving, I have no doubt that Snapchat will become more popular as the company updates the app and adds more new features. My only concern is that Snapchat allows teens to be social without really being social. Snapchat certainly does not constitute conversation most of the time and is just an exchange of selfies between individuals. I sometimes wonder if people who hold long Snapchat streaks can hold a real conversation in person. I know I can, but younger generations have it cut out for them when it comes to socializing in the real world.

Snapchat has been around for quite some time and it does not seem to be disappearing any time soon. While I don’t think Snapchat is a real addiction for me, it certainly poses as a threat to those who want to socialize without having to start conversation.


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