From left to right: Owen Tidd, Will Morris, Jack Davidson, and Luke Cornett. Photo Edited by Visual Editor Madison Krell

Senior Owen Tidd formed the band, Big Korea, initially in 2013 and is the only member left from the original lineup. Big Korea released their first “Welcome” extended play (EP) online on December 9, 2015 and handed out CDs.

Tidd plays guitar and sings vocals on the album, Luke Cornett plays guitar, Jack Davidson plays bass, and Jacob Steinhauer plays all percussion. Tidd said the unique band name, Big Korea, came to him in a dream.

“There’s a half-human, half-tiger familiar that approached me in a dream and bestowed upon me the information that Big Korea was the key to our destiny,” Tidd said. “I heeded its words and the first step of the plan has been put into action.”

Tidd wrote and performed the “Welcome” EP with his bandmates, while Mason graduate Jacob Steinhauer worked on the mixing and mastering as a producer. “Welcome” has four songs on the album titled The Mirror, Little Car, Old Nick, and Jam Song.

Junior Jack Davidson said that after the release of their album, he received mostly positive feedback, but is also open to constructive criticism.

“I don’t feel like people are going to give us criticism because I feel like a lot of people don’t feel like they’re in the place to do that,” Davidson said. “My math teacher gave us a lot of feedback on our production and stuff like that, which I really appreciated. If more people could do that and give their two sense, that’d be pretty cool.”

Big Korea plans to perform as much as they can in the future, as well as produce more albums and songs.

“We’re going to perform a series of house shows in Brighton and Over the Rhine and we’re also performing an album release show with this band in mid-February, so information will come on that soon,” Tidd said. “We’re going to try to open for tri-state bands. As of now, we are just going to try to release as many albums as possible and we’re not going to stop…ever.”

To listen to the album, click here.


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