Real Fear

I’m fearful for the future. It is time that we start living in fear. Maybe not fear that forces you to avoid flying or long bus rides, but fear that makes you look back over your shoulder in broad daylight.

Now, you may think this is yet another blog post about ISIS, but I’m not here to write about ISIS. Yes, ISIS is something that we should be concerned about, but I have bigger worries.

I’m scared for the next generation and the kind of world they’ll live in. They won’t be fearing terrorist groups from different parts of the world. They’ll be fearing their neighbors, their classmates, their co-workers, their family members. Our biggest threats to this country are already here, living a seemingly normal American life inside our borders. It is frightening and it’s something we’d like to ignore, but you simply can’t ignore the truth.

Governors of several states are desperately trying to refuse Syrian refugees because they think they will pose as a “bigger threat” to this country. Isn’t it a little naïve to think that there aren’t already American-born ISIS members living in this country?

Just today, there was a shooting near Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. The police are searching for the shooter right now, so there isn’t too much information as to if the shooter was targeting Planned Parenthood or what their motive was. This shooter seems to be shooting anyone who stands in their way, including police officers and innocent citizens.

What scares me the most about these situations here in America is that we will hear about them for a day or two and then everyone will suddenly brush it off. News channels and stations cover these shootings for a few days and when all is said and done, everyone forgets about it until the next deathly tragedy. When the Columbine shooting happened in 1999, it is all news channels covered for months and people were genuinely concerned. Now, when a school shooting or tragedy happens, it is on the news for a couple of days and then it’s over. There are so many people who are completely oblivious to the fact that the tragedy even happened because they get wrapped up in their own little worlds to not even notice the warning signs.

No one expects a school shooting to occur or bomb to go off in a public facility, but these things do happen and it’s time we pay more attention. Expect the unexpected.

So, my point is: yes, we should pray for those in Paris and Beirut and the Middle East. But, we should also pray for those living within our walls and pray that they don’t resort to violence. There’s no ignoring the fact that violence is growing and there’s no telling when it will end.



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