Exposure. That is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of high school newspapers. The newspaper has the power to introduce its viewers to different cultures and local phenomenons. It gives play by plays of the well-known sports teams and allows high school students to see their fellow classmates’ achievements. The newspaper exposes us to new things and the world that is right in front of us.

When I joined The Chronicle staff, my mission was to write engaging stories and get involved with the school, but it has proven to be much more than that. Not only do high school newspapers inform and interest the community, they also teach the staff members how to become better writers and overall, better people. I’ll admit that I haven’t always been the most outgoing or loudest person. Yet, when I joined The Chronicle staff, I was forced to open up and become more of a “people person.” I’ve grown a lot during my first year as a staff writer and I’ve learned so much about my community, that I wouldn’t have known without being on the newspaper.

When interviewees are so passionate about what they’re doing, it makes it all worth it and it makes me feel like I’m responsible for writing their story the way it deserves to be portrayed. I think that every high school needs to be more exposed to these heartwarming, passion-filled stories and the amazing people that make them happen. They’re inspiring.

It’s sad that high school newspapers are slowly dying out. Newspapers are essential to the high school and community. We’re lucky that we have such a great staff and a great community that supports our newspaper and keeps it going. We’re lucky we are so exposed.


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