23 Signs You’re a Chronicle Staff Member

Erin Brush

1. You take every opportunity to add “chron” to normal words (Ex: Chronding, Chronsgiving, Chronsmas, etc.)

2. You groan every time Eric Miller puts on this song during lunch.

3. E. Mac’s deafening laughter just doesn’t get to you anymore.


4. You get this face every time you make a negative comment about Canada. Or gingers.


5. …And this face when you interrupt Marvar during his story idea.


6. You’re more afraid of Gabrielle Stichweh than anyone ever. Especially when telling her your graphic ideas. Or discussing anything regarding women’s rights.


7. You have no idea what Zane Miller is doing half the time.


8. You still think it’s funny to call Sonia “Zero”. And probably will until the end of the year.


9. You make it a point to only sing to Duncan on the Mackenzie twins’ birthday.


10. You get alarmed if Ashton isn’t wearing anything with a…

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