That’s What Makes You Beautiful?

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There aren’t many people in the world that don’t know about the boy band, One Direction. I saw rumors on twitter that Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction and I couldn’t believe it. Then, I found my way to One Direction’s verified twitter account and clicked on a link that led me to One Direction’s statement. The rumors were true.

According to One Direction’s statement, Zayn said, “I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight. ” To me, this seems impossible. How could Zayn go from being a member of one of the biggest boy bands (most would agree) in the world to an ordinary 22-year-old? Impossible. Of course, I’m no expert on fame and living under the spotlight, but no matter where Zayn goes, he will always be chased by teenage girls now questioning why he left the band.

Twitter is exploding with fans’ reactions to Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction and to them, it seems like the world is ending. In fact, I saw one tweet from a fan account that said, “It feels like I just lost one of my children.”

Although I respect Zayn’s bold decision to leave the band, I find it hard to believe that he will ever be able to live an “ordinary life.” Once you’re under the spotlight, it seems hard to ever find your way out.


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