Testing Testing Testing

It’s Monday morning. I open the OGT test booklet and the first word I see is “Asparagus.” You’ve got to be kidding me. Having to take the reading test first is bad enough, but now I have to read about asparagus (a topic I could care less about). It saddens me to say that the rest of the passages in the reading section of the OGT were not more interesting than “Asparagus.”

Honestly, OGT week hasn’t been that bad. Before I took the OGT, many upperclassmen told me that it was not a difficult test. They were right. I was surprised at how easy the OGT was.

Although the OGT may be too easy for a lot of students, the new PARCC will be a lot harder. I took the math PARCC test sample my freshman year when the state was just looking to see how students would score on it. To me, the PARCC test was extremely hard and I’m relieved that I got to take the OGT.

There are many pros and cons of taking the OGT vs. the PARCC test. The OGT is pretty easy, but longer. During the PARCC test, you are working for almost the entire time, so it isn’t as long, but it’s harder. Some teachers say that the worst part  of the OGT is the waiting after you’ve finished, but I don’t see it that way.

The OGT might be longer and take up more time than the PARCC test, but at least I have time to take a nap after.


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