Foreign Exchange

Foreign policy may be cheaper than you think.
Many high school students have moved to the United States from foreign countries, forcing them to adjust to American education and lifestyle. These students now have the option to return to their native country or stay in the United States for college.
Sophomore Emil Henningsen moved to the United States from Denmark a month ago because his mother got married. According to Henningsen, there are benefits of living in Denmark.
“(College) is free,” Henningsen said. “Healthcare and welfare are as well, everybody gets welfare, but we pay 70% tax.”
Henningsen is now undecided on where he wants to go to college. But after ten years, he will lose his citizenship in Denmark and won’t be able to receive the benefits of free college, health care, and welfare anymore.
Junior Ri Moodie moved to the United States from England seven years ago. According to Moodie, there are many differences between colleges in England and the United States.
“Here, the average college is about 45 grand a year,” Moodie said. “In England, you cap out at about 10,000 pounds a year, which is about 16,000 dollars here. You can only pay a set amount for college because it is so education focused that you don’t have to pay for extra stuff like housing, sports, and that kind of stuff.”
Moodie is applying to multiple colleges both in the United States and the United Kingdom. At this point, she is undecided on where she wants to go to college.
“I’m thinking about going back because it’s a lot cheaper, I have my family there, and there are a lot more programs that I’m going into,” Moodie said. “I’m going into theatre and there is a lot more stuff I can do there with more connections and that kind of stuff. All of my family is (in England). If I moved there, I would have free housing all the time”
According to Moodie, she is probably going to college in England, but still hasn’t made a decision.
“There are also some benefits here,” Moodie said. “Like I’ve done my whole entire high school career in the States so that would be easier to get in. It just depends how I feel at the time.”
Junior Nicole Garcia-Salas has lived in six different countries and moved to the United States about six months ago from Singapore.
“I don’t know how much the colleges were in Singapore,” Garcia-Salas said. “Typically, people go to college in England and the main colleges that they look at are Cambridge and Oxford, but those are all really expensive.”
Although Garcia-Salas could go to England for college, she plans on attending college in the United States.
“Personally, I didn’t want to go in England because I had been so surrounded by English people my entire life, so I kind of felt like I needed a break,” Garcia-Salas said. “My family was always planning to move to America, so I thought it would be great if I lived closer and I just wanted to have a new experience of living.”


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