Student athletes join no-cut sports for the spirit wear

Some student athletes have sported the spirit wear — but not necessarily the sport.
Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other spirit wear are ordered each year for every sports team at MHS. This year, The Comet Zone sold 679 items for cross country alone. Student athletes are constantly seen representing their team on game days and every other day of the week.
In middle school, many students chose to run cross country and track because they lacked the pressure of try-outs and were known as “no-cut sports”, giving athletes the ability to order as much spirit wear as they wanted because their spot on the team was ensured.
Sophomore Christie Hennessey ran cross country in seventh grade for a week, got the spirit wear, then quit the team.
“I did it for the spirit wear and only for the spirit wear, that’s all I really needed out of it,” Hennessey said. “I ordered the spirit wear, got the spirit wear, and quit after one week. I still have it.”
Hennessey currently dances at Starstruck ADA and runs track. Although Hennessey stopped running cross country in middle school, she still wears the spirit wear.
“I really went all out for the spirit wear,” Hennessey said. “It’s awesome PJ’s, I can wear it out to dinner, I can wear it around the house, or to games.”
Junior Samantha DeGroft ran track in seventh grade and currently runs cross country. According to DeGroft, she chose to run track in middle school to get the spirit wear and because it was a no-cut sport that anyone could join.
“I needed to do something and I didn’t want to do a club because they didn’t have spirit wear,” DeGroft said. “It’s something to wear to the games that says ‘Mason’ and it shows that it’s mine and that I actually do something. It’s almost like an accomplishment that shows you’re involved in the school.”
Sophomore Kendall Watkins was pushed to join the track team in eighth grade because she was jealous of her twin sister’s spirit wear.
“She had the sweats and I would always ask her to wear them, so I was like, ‘okay I’m going to do track and cross country’,” Watkins said. “Then I got the spirit wear and now I have about six pairs of the sweats.”
Watkins currently runs cross country and track and has ended up getting a lot out of her sports. According to Watkins, the old spirit wear drive led her to learn about commitment to her sport and she has made great bonds with all of the girls on the team.
“I feel more confident when I wear the spirit wear,” Watkins said. “I feel like I’m part of a team and I’m representing all of our achievements.”


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