I don’t know if I’m the only one getting annoyed with these constant comments, tweets, and mentions about Netflix, but they need to stop. People are constantly saying that “Netflix is taking over their life.” Then, get up and do something productive for God’s sake.

I’m tired of hearing about how “Netflix is bae” (which means ‘before anyone else’ if you aren’t caught up with this overused slang term). Stop posting pictures of you lounging in your bed with a laptop and a tub of Edy’s ice cream. Newsflash: Nobody cares.

The worst season for these Netflix-aholics is the summer because people have absolutely NOTHING to do. It’s actually pretty depressing, the tweets get out of control and grocery stores sell out of ice cream.

I’m not saying that I don’t watch Netflix-because I do-but is it really necessary for you to make a snapchat story or tweet about it every time you finish a season of Gossip Girl (which seems to happen every two and half days)?

Which leads me to another point: it’s crazy how fast people can finish a TV series. I would say a typical season of a TV show is  22 episodes and if you can finish that many episodes in a few days, please rethink what you’re doing.

I must say I’m guilty of posting a picture of my laptop open to Netflix on social media one night and I regret it. A lot.

This generation is turning into a bunch of Netflix-aholics and there is nothing we can do about it. Just sit back, relax, and grab a nearby laptop- I guarantee you it’s already opened up to Netflix.


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